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Your startup’s online reputation is crucial nowadays.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) goes beyond simple brand narratives.
It’s about the digital footprint that can impact your startup’s trajectory.

It might seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, there are many tools to help you grow.

Here are 8 tools we love that will help you build your online reputation:

1️⃣ Online Monitoring:

    • Tool: Buska 🔍
    • Free Alternative: Google Alerts
    • Use Case: Being in the loop about what’s being said about your brand is crucial. Monitoring mentions and customer feedback in real-time is the first step towards a sterling online reputation.
    • Actionable Tip: Set up alerts for your brand name and related keywords to stay ahead of conversations around your brand. This proactive approach allows for timely responses, showcasing a brand that listens and cares.

2️⃣ Review Harvesting:

    • Tool: Podium
    • Free Alternative: Yelp for Business
    • Use Case: Reviews are the lifeline of local SEO and a mirror to customer satisfaction. Collecting and managing customer reviews is a direct route to enhancing local search rankings and understanding customer sentiment.
    • Actionable Tip: Respond to reviews promptly, be it praise or criticism. It demonstrates a brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and openness to improvement.

3️⃣ Creative Content:

    • Tool: Canva
    • Free Alternative: Figma
    • Use Case: Visually compelling social media posts are a magnet for engagement and a booster for brand visibility.
    • Actionable Tip: Uphold a consistent brand aesthetic across all digital content. It not only enhances brand recognition but also builds a cohesive brand image.
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4️⃣ SEO Mastery:

5️⃣ Social Media Steering:

    • Tool: Buffer
    • Free Alternative: Hootsuite (Free Plan)
    • Use Case: A well-oiled social media machine is vital for consistent online engagement and brand presence.
    • Actionable Tip: Analyzing post performance to decipher what clicks with your audience is key. It helps in fine-tuning your strategy for better engagement.

6️⃣ Customer Feedback Loop:

    • Tool: SurveyMonkey
    • Free Alternative: Google Forms
    • Use Case: Feedback is the compass for improvement. Collecting customer feedback sheds light on areas of improvement.
    • Actionable Tip: Keep surveys concise and straightforward to encourage higher response rates and glean actionable insights.

7️⃣ PR Prowess:

    • Tool: PR Newswire
    • Free Alternative: HARO (Help A Reporter Out)
    • Use Case: Effective PR is the bridge to wider audience reach and positive brand image.
    • Actionable Tip: Crafting compelling, newsworthy press releases can capture media attention, broadening brand exposure.

8️⃣ Influencer Collaboration:

    • Tool: Upfluence
    • Free Alternative: Collabor8
    • Use Case: Influencer partnerships can spotlight your brand in relevant niches, expanding reach and engagement.
    • Actionable Tip: Engage with influencers whose audience aligns with your target demographic. It ensures relevance and better engagement.


Engage with your audience, gather their feedback, and use the right tools to grow a robust online reputation.

Remember: a positive online brand presence is not just a goal; it’s a journey.


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