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Picture this: a world where every tweet, like, or share opens doors to stories of potential customers waiting to be discovered. Social intent is the asset that will give you access to those customers.
We’ll show you how to get more leads with social intent data for creative outreach strategies.

Understand the Power of Social Intent

At the heart of any successful marketing strategy is the understanding of your audience. Social intent data offers a goldmine of insights, revealing not just who your potential leads are but what they want or need.

But how do you track and monitor this amount of information to not just find leads but to captivate and convert them?

  1. Innovative Social Media Outreach Tactics:
    The journey begins with listening.
    Social listening tools like buska can help you to identify the conversations where your brand can genuinely contribute and add value.
    This isn’t about pushing a message; it’s about joining a dialogue in a meaningful way.
    • Track every mention of your brand online
    • Join discussions about the pain points and topics your solution solves
    • Keep an eye on your competition and engage with their customers.

  2. Targeted Outreach:
    With insights in hand, the next step is personalization.
    Customizing your outreach based on the mentions and behaviors of potential leads will increase the likelihood of engagement and also build a foundation of trust and relevance.

    From a mention on linkedin, you can identify the lead and send them a personalized email or DM based on their mention, and build a relationship.

  3. Engage Potential Leads:
    Remember, social media is a two-way street.
    Engagement strategies that invite conversation and feedback turn passive observers into active customers.
    You can use buska to reach out to prospects swiftly on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Reddit
    Make every interaction count.

Optimize Outreach Efforts

As we delve deeper into the capabilities offered by social media insights, it becomes clear that the true potential lies in leveraging those information. You need to use the social intent data to build more effective campaigns.
The insights you gather should inform every aspect of your outreach, from timing and platform selection to message framing and content type.

  1. Social Media Signals for Lead Capture:
    Utilizing advanced techniques to interpret these signals can set your strategy apart.
    It’s about reading between the lines, understanding the sentiment behind a comment, or the context of a share.
  2. Creative Ways to Engage:
    Engagement doesn’t always have to be direct.
    Sometimes, the most effective strategies are those that allow potential leads to discover your value on their own terms, through educational content, community building, or even gamification.
    You already have the edge, because you know they are looking for your solution.

A Call to Action with Intent

Lead generation with social intent data is about adopting a mindset that values genuine connection over mere conversion.

It’s about creating a strategy that is as dynamic and targeting as the very individuals you aim to engage.

Your outreach strategy needs to be more than just creative; it needs to be insightful, personalized, and above all, intentional.
With the right approach and tools like Buska, you can turn mentions into customers with little efforts.


Creative lead generation through social intent data holds the key to connecting with new leads with high potential.
By monitoring, listening and engaging, with intent, you can more than double your conversion rate and boost your outreach strategies.

The future of outreach lies in building relationships. Social intent will help you connect with the right people at the right time.

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