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With over 130 Million Daily Active Users (DAU) , Linkedin is a goldmine for B2B Leads.
But targeting the right person at the right time remains a challenge for Lead Generation on the social network.
Social listening and buska can help you target prospects that mention specific topics or brands (yours or your competitors’) to engage with qualified leads showing “ready to buy” signals.
There are various ways to interact with potential leads from these mentions to convert them into customers.
Below, we present a range of scenarios on how to turn mentions to leads on Linkedin.

Scenario 1: Targeted Content Creation

Challenge: You’ve noticed an increase in mentions found by buska, around a specific problem your product solves, but the engagement TOFU (Top of the Funnel) with your brand content remains low.

Solution: Create and share a detailed guide or case study directly addressing this particular problem. Tag individuals and companies who’ve mentioned the relevant keywords or questions in a post, inviting them to discuss the solutions your guide provides. This will position your brand as a thought leader and opens dialogue with prospects in a value-first approach.

Actionable Tip: Use LinkedIn’s publishing platform to share your content and incorporate keywords that your “ready to buy” prospects use. This increases visibility and engagement from your target audience.

Scenario 2: Direct Outreach 1:1

Challenge: In B2B, finding leads that are “qualified” and ready to buy is now the #1 challenge for Sales experts. And generic “Buying Intent” signals are good, but don’t really cut it anymore.

Solution: Identify interested leads with buska through targeted keywords:
“i need an alternative to calendly. any thoughts?”
“Looking for help to improve the design of our Landing page”
“I want to try cold emailing automation, but don’t know where to start”

Actionable Tip: Add up to 10 keywords in buska for different use cases, pain points or competitors of your brand to increase your reach for interested leads.

Scenario 3: Personalized Audio Messages

Challenge: Personalized outreach brings better results. But it is time-consuming and personalized emails/DMs are very common nowadays.

Solution: Use LinkedIn’s audio messaging feature to send personalized audio messages to prospects you identified through a targeted keyword with buska.
Audio messages convey sincerity and are still much more engaging than text alone, because still not used widely.

Actionable Tip: Include the leads you found with buska into a LaGrowthMachine multichannel sequence, with a Linkedin Audio Message step.
Through AI, you can personalize these audio messages for each lead at scale.
The combo helps you target “ready-to-buy” leads and engage in a unique and personalized way.

Scenario 4: Engage instantly with your audience

Challenge: 96% of people discuss a brand outside of its official channels. The decision to buy or not is often made before engaging with a company.

Solution: Receive instant notifications from buska as soon as someone mentions your brand on linkedin even when they don’t tag you. And engage with these mentions as soon as possible. Show that you are proactive and ready to help.

Actionable Tip: Setup slack notifications for buska, so that your team can get instant notifications in real time when the brand is mentioned and engage quickly.

buska center monitoring mentions

Implement various Strategies for Comprehensive Results

Each of these scenarios and actionable examples shows how to turn mentions to leads on Linkedin and its power for lead generation beyond social listening.
By diversifying your approach and employing creative strategies tailored to your audience’s needs, you can significantly improve your lead generation efforts, building meaningful connections that translate into business growth.

Remember, the key to success lies in consistently delivering value, personalizing your outreach, and staying adaptable to the evolving needs of your prospects.

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